Guidelines for Wikia User Privilege Elevation

Since I'm the founder of this Wikia, it falls squarely into my responsibility to appoint new admins and moderators. Here is a guideline for the requirement to apply for any of the following positions:

Content Moderators:
This is the starting point for users that are granted elevated privileges to be able to further contribute to this Wikia's content. The requirement for content mods is fairly lax compared to the larger priviledges, but you should at least prove that you're a reliable editor. Users who can reliably translate the Japanese sources and/or provide game related assets (such as pictures and audio) are welcome to apply.

If you are capable of contributing something valuable to this Wikia and its community, or require the privileges that was unavailable to content moderators, you can apply for to become an administrator. You'll be given the administrator privilege and be considered as administrator candidate for a period of time. That being said, you won't be revoked from your admin privilege unless if you abuse that right to the detriment of this WIkia or its community.

Requires a solid vetting skills to determine users that rightly deserves the promotion and won't abuse their privileges. Since it's very difficult to demote a bureaucrat, potential candidates have to prove themselves as competent Wikia administrators before being granted this privilege.

I had worked as a Wikia admin before, but being a bureaucrat member is a first for me. Inexperienced as I were, I can recognize users who rightly deserves their position (although I may not be very generous to promote everyone at first impression). If you believe this section needs amendment, just leave a comment below.