Carp Streamer is the 7th event in Girls Symphony.

As a Featured Event, it features a poker minigame where you bet 100 Poker Chip to select the cards to keep to construct sets of five playing cards that matches a hand-ranking category to win Poker Medals. Unlike the previous poker minigame event. Poker Chip is not replenished from winning the poker, but can be obtained from both event missions and Raid Boss spawned from them.

For more information, see Poker (Minigame)

Start of Featured Event 10th May 2017
Start of Latter Stage Event 17th May 2017
End of Featured Event 24th May 2017


Featured Orchestra MembersEdit

Class B05Icon 100128 01 Class B01Icon 100011 01 Class B02Icon 100013 01 Class R01Icon 100136 01



Poker Table

Each play of poker costs 100 poker chips. You are dealt five cards and you click on the ones you want to keep. Having any of the poker hands above will reward you with the respective number of poker medals. Note that jokers are considered wildcards.

For more information, see Poker (Minigame)


Earn Poker Chips from panels in the event stages and raid bosses to play poker.

You can earn Poker Medals from playing poker and use them to buy items in the exchange shop. In the latter half of the event, you can exchange Poker Chips directly to Poker Medals in the exchange shop (with 1:1 exchange ratio).

Stage EfficiencyEdit