The Crystal Shop (ショップ) is where you can buy crystals with DMM points or use crystals to buy items. The shop is split into three separate tabs from left to right. The top left number is your total number of crystals. The top right button (利用規約) is the Terms of Service.

Buying Crystals Edit


(Crystals expire within 180 days of purchase)

  1. Buy 1 crystal for 100 DMM points.
  2. Buy 5 crystals for 500 DMM points.
  3. Buy 11 crystals for 1000 DMM points.
  4. Buy 36 crystals for 3000 DMM points.
  5. Buy 64 crystals for 5000 DMM points.
  6. Buy 142 crystals for 10000 DMM points.

Recovering ST/EP Edit

  1. Recover ST completely for 1 crystal.
  2. Recover EP completely for 1 crystal.

Expansion Edit

  1. Increase the maximum orchestra member capacity by 5 for 1 crystal (maximum 1000 members)
  2. Increase the maximum equipment capacity by 5 for 1 crystal (maximum 1000 equipment)
  3. Increase the number of battle formation templates by 1 for 3 crystals (maximum 10)