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Events are a period of time where a special dungeon is available that allows you to earn unique currency. Each event has a 3-star Orchestra Member (equivalent to 5-star in Flower Knight Girl) that can be earned and fully upgraded without spending any real money. This girl is referred to as the Event 3-star Orchestra member/girl. Events tend to feature the appearance of one new 4-star Orchestra member and three new 3-star Orchestra member s. A new Selection Gacha also tends to become available to increase the rate of the new orchestra members appearing if you choose to roll it. The event 3 star does not get featured in this gacha because event 3 star orchestra members are not obtainable from gacha.

Each events typically last for two weeks. During the first week, only the first half of the stages and event prizes are available. During the second week, the second half of the event contents become available. Event currency is earned more efficiently in the newly released content, but the cost of the prizes available for the newly released content is also higher.

Event stages are divided into four difficulties: Elementary Level (初級), Intermediate Level (中級), High Level (上級), and Top Level (最上級). There are eight stages total between the first and second halves of the events combined. These stages are referred to as E1 through E8 as shorthand. All event stages can generate raid bosses or Secret Gardens, but some event stages have unique Secret Gardens that produce a large amount event currency. A Secret Garden may be referred to as BS as a shorthand for Bonus Stage.

List of Events[]

# Events Featured Unit
13 EVBanner 0013A.png
EVBanner 0013B.png
12 EVBanner 0012A.png
EVBanner 0012B.png
11 EVBanner 0011A.png
EVBanner 0011B.png
09 EVBanner 0009A.png
EVBanner 0009B.png
June Bride's Waltz
Class P01.pngIcon 100100 01.png
08 EVBanner 0008A.png
EVBanner 0008B.png
Mighty Mothers Madrigal
Class G01.pngIcon 100143 01.png
07 EVBanner 0007A.png
EVBanner 0007B.png
Carp Streamer
Class R01.pngIcon 100136 01.png
06 EVBanner 0006A.png
EVBanner 0006B.png
Easter Rhapsody
Class B04.pngIcon 100091 01.png
05 EVBanner 0005A.png
EVBanner 0005B.png
Sakura-Colored Gavotte
Class P02.pngIcon 100133 01.png
04 EVBanner 0004A.png
EVBanner 0003B.png
March of the Spring Breeze
Class G05.pngIcon 100078 01.png
03 EVBanner 0003A.png
EVBanner 0003B.png
Return of Etude
Class R03.pngIcon 100118 01.png
02 EVBanner 0002.png
The Hunt, The Graduation Ceremony, and the Love of Brahms
Class B02.pngIcon 100062 01.png
01 EVBanner 0001.png
Chocolate Fugue
Class P06.pngIcon 100134 01.png
00 Flower Knight Girl Launch Collaboration Event
Launch collaboration.jpg
Class R01.pngIcon 100150 01.png

Class B01.pngIcon 100022 01.png