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From Girls Symphony's launch date to 8th March 2017, player who plays Girls Symphony and Flower Knight Girl on the same DMM account can obtain certain rewards by reaching certain goals. Most notably, by reaching Level 30 in the collaborated game, the player will be awarded with a character from the collaborating game.


The game will tally the current player's rank (or level in Flower Knight Girl), and will immediately mark the reached milestone when the player visits the collaboration page after the player reached a certain level.

However, the collaboration reward is not immediately given once the conditions is fulfilled. Rather, it will be given after the 15 March 2017 update. The listed reward will be given to the same game that has the milestone (e.g. Girls Symphony will get Oncidium as Orchestra Member, while Flower Knight Girl will have Anri as Flower Knight Rue Anemone)

Milestone (Girls Symphony)[]

Conductor Rank Reward
Rank 10 100,000 Gold
Rank 15 10 Sound Crystals
Rank 20 250,000 Gold
Rank 25 25 Sound Crystals
Rank 30 Oncidium (Orchestra)

Milestone (Flower Knight Girl)[]

Leader Level Reward
Level 10 100,000 Gold
Level 15 10 Flower Stones
Level 20 250,000 Gold
Level 25 20 Flower Stones
Level 30 Anri (Rue Anemone)

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