Girls Symphony ~Virgin Symphonic Poem~ Wikia

The gacha page (召喚) is where you can spend DMM points, crystals or gold currency to obtain new girls and items. It is accessed by clicking on the yellow button with the piano below the HOME button.



The gacha page is divided into multiple tabs as follows.

  1. 2 Time Limited Special (2回限定)
  2. Step Up (ステップアップ)
  3. New Orchestra Member (新楽団員)
  4. Pick Up (ピックアップ)
  5. Extra Premium (おまけ付プレミアム)
  6. Normal (ノーマル)

2 Time Limited Special[]


990002 1st limted VIP letter.png

This is a paid gacha that costs 5000 DMM point for a 11-member roll. This gacha also gives a special scouting ticket will be given to you that allows you to choose a 4 star girl that were available from the initial pool (Orchestra members that are introduced by events such as Frula can't be obtained with this ticket).

Originally, you can purchase this gacha only once, but there was bug that caused this gacha to be purchasable for unlimited times, allowing players to obtain all the listed 4-star girls (albeit very expensive). This is later rectified so that the gacha can be purchased for up to two times.

Step Up[]


This lets you do single gacha rolls where each successive roll has increased chances for a rarer girl. The first three gachas costs 10, 30, 50 DMM points in order and the last two guarantees a 3 star girl for the latter two, costing 100 and 300 DMM points respectively.

New Orchestra Member[]


The new orchestra member gacha lets you roll with a higher chance to get the newest girls promoted for the event at the time.

Pick Up[]


The pickup gacha lets you roll with a higher chance to gain the girls promoted on the page.

Extra Premium[]


The extra premium gacha lets you roll with no boost that does not favor chances with any of the characters



The normal gacha allows you to roll for random items and low level girls. For efficiency there is a daily quest to roll the 500 and 5000 gold gachas.