Girls Symphony ~Virgin Symphonic Poem~ Wikia

Game Navigation and Inquiries[]

Q: What are the daily event maps?

Game Progression[]

Q: How do I get girls with 3 or 4 stars?

A: You'll need to save up the Sound/Note Crystals to obtain them. Note that they have a very low drop rate, and there are cases where you didn't get 3-star girls at all.

You are also given a choice between 3, 3 star Orchestra Members and given one random one for free upon starting the game. You are also awarded one 3 star for completing the first set of panel missions.

Q: Is it important to be aware of how much EXP and stamina I have before I level up?

A: As of the maintenance at 2/22/17 stamina now overflows upon leveling up. However, performance and raid boss bars also refill upon leveling up but don't overflow.

Q: How do you gain affection?

A: You can give gifts to your girls in the affection menu found in the bottom-most tab in the main screen.

Q: I cannot unlock some units in Symphony Board.

A: Some of the Symphonic pathways are unlocked under certain circumstances, which are usually tied to Affection Level and amount of previously unlocked Symphonia.

Event Progression[]

Q: How do I do the current event?

A: There are currently two different types of event: One where you run the event maps for event currency and trade it for items. And one where you run event stages for currency to summon raid bosses which give event currency used to trade for items.


Q: What does this error mean?

Partycompo error2.png

A: This error occurs when one of the battle row is empty. All the rows must have a party member.

Q: The girl on the home screen keeps changing. How do I prevent this?

Randomdisplay error.png

A: This is a feature enabled in the settings on the left most tab.