The Orchestra Member page (楽団員) is where you can manage your characters. It is accessed by clicking on the orange button with the two instruments below the HOME button.



The Orchestra Member page is divided into multiple tabs as follows.

  1. List (一覧)
  2. Composition (編成)
  3. Enhance Synthesis Limiter Release (強化合成上限解放)
  4. Symphony Board (シンフォニアボード)
  5. Remove (退団)


List (一覧) is the first tab which allows you to view and lock your characters and items.


The keys are explained as follows:

  1. Name and rank.
  2. These icons represent how many times you are able to perform Limiter Release (上限解放) on a character. Each Limiter Release will generally increase the maximum level and affection by 10.
  3. The character icons representing their class, attribute and avatar.
  4. The experience bar showing their level and how much experience is left before they level up.
  5. This allows you to set that character to your home menu. Her icon will be represented as you to friends and other players.
  6. Vitality (生命力), Assistance (補助力), Attack (攻撃力), Recovery (回復力).
  7. Equipment Slot.
  8. The skill name, its level, and how many turns it takes to activate (発動ターン).
  9. Ability 1.
  10. Ability 2.
  11. Release (解除) allows you to lock a character so they cannot be removed or used as material.
  12. Details (詳細).