Quests offer rewards for achieving gameplay goals. Typically, the reward will be Gold or Materia, but other things like items and Sound Crystals can also be given out depending on the quest completed.

In Girls Symphony, there are 5 types of Quests (In order):

  1. Daily Quests
  2. Event Quests
  3. Main Quests
  4. Character Quests

Daily QuestsEdit

Daily quests are quests that can be completed daily. Completing each quest gives you a reward and allows you to complete its next level. You must manually collect a quest's reward before you can progress on the next level of that quest's conditions. Daily quests reset at 4 AM (04:00) Japan time.

List of Daily Quests
Quest Clear Condition Reward
Let's do a daily mission
Clear daily stage once 3000 Gold
Let's go for an adventure 1
冒険へ出掛けよう その1
Clear stage once (Small) gifts of five varieties
Let's go for an adventure 2
冒険へ出掛けよう その2
Clear stage 3 times 1 Bronze Materia of Mystery
Orchestra Training 1
楽団員との鍛練 その1
Perform Strengthening Synthesis once 3000 Gold
Orchestra Training 2
楽団員との鍛練 その2
Perform Strengthening Synthesis 3 times Phonim of Life Lv1 x1
New encounter 1
新たな出会い その1
Summon the normal gacha (gold) once 1 Bronze Materia of Sensibility
New encounter 2
新たな出会い その2
Summon the normal gacha (gold) 10 times 5000 Gold
Delivering Feelings 1
気持ちを届けて その1
Give a member a gift once 1 Bronze Materia of Logic
Delivering Feelings 2
気持ちを届けて その2
Give a member a gift three times 5000 Gold
Let's exchange
Exchange at the exchange place 1 Bronze Materia of Solemnity
Looking for mysterious power
Unlock one Symphonia on the Symphony Board 5000 Gold

Main QuestsEdit

Main Quests provide players with milestones and goals to achieve as they progress throughout the game. The rewards for completing each Main Quest are luxurious, but they can only claimed once.

Panel MissionsEdit

Panel missions are a small set of quests geared towards new players that will give them a bit of an overview of the game while also rewarding them gratuitously for doing so. Panel missions automatically inform you when you have cleared them when you view the Home screen.

List of Panel Missions
Quest Clear Condition Reward
ノーマル召喚をしよう♪ ゴールド x10000
強化合成をしよう♪ 生命のフォニムLv1 x5
交換しよう♪ ブロンズマテリアルセット x5
贈り物をプレゼントしよう♪ 贈り物セット(小) x1
補佐官を変更しよう♪ 補助のフォニムLv1 x5
楽団2を設定しよう♪ 回復のフォニムLv1 x5
ステージ1-5をクリアしよう♪ 攻撃のフォニムLv1 x5
楽団員をLv15にしよう♪ ゴールド x15000
2日目ログインしよう♪ 音晶石 x1
Panel Completion Clear all Panel Missions リカルダ・ワーグナー x1
List of Panel Missions
Quest Clear Condition Reward
楽団員に装備をしよう♪ 感性のオーブ(中) x5
好感度Lv25にしよう♪ 豪華な花束 x1
楽団員を上限解放しよう♪ 高級なぬいぐるみ x1
ステージ2-10をクリアしよう♪ 荘厳のオーブ(中) x5
楽団員をLv30にしよう♪ パティシエ特製ケーキ x1
Panel Completion Clear all Panel Missions 20 Sound Crystals