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Return of Etude (返礼のエチュード) is the 3rd Event in Girls Symphony.

As a Featured Event, it features a poker minigame where you bet 100 Candies to select the cards to keep to construct sets of five playing cards that matches a hand-ranking category. There is no limit to the amount of bets you could make in a day as long as you have enough Candies to keep betting, so lucky/skilled poker players could potentially clear the Event Exchange in a day.

For more information, see Poker (Minigame)

Start of Featured Event 15th March 2017
Start of Latter Stage Event 22th March 2017
End of Featured Event 29th March 2017


Featured Orchestra Members[]

Class B02.pngIcon 100097 01.png Class B05.pngIcon 100137 01.png Class B06.pngIcon 100054 01.png Class R03.pngIcon 100118 01.png


Stage Efficiency[]